Top 10 Foods That Can Give You a Sharp Memory


A good memory is something everyone wants – students, businessmen, and also the elderly. As we age our memory starts getting weak and that is normal. However, if we face memory problems at a young age then that can be a cause of worry. There are many brain exercises that you can practice to keep your memory strong. But, together with it, there are also some foods that you should consume to enjoy a sharp memory.

Let us get to learn about 10 such foods that are known to help give a sharp memory.

10. Holy Basil

Foods That Can Give You a Sharp Memory

Holy Basil is a very powerful herb that can cure many physical ailments. And together with it boosts blood flow to the brain, which in turn can improve your concentration and brain power. This Ayurvedic herb grows in many parts of Southern Asia and is popular for its medicinal properties. This herb can also be used to combat stress and can help make you feel healthy and fresh. You can have Holy Basil tea on a regular basis as that is mentally stimulating and creates a calming effect on your body and the mind.

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