Multi-Million Dollars Online Business

Army Veteran Went From Selling Water On Street To Building Multi-Million Dollars Online Business

“Make millions from just your laptop!” I know what you’re thinking: that sounds more like a cheesy infomercial or a daydream fantasy than reality. Think again and meet Army veteran Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez, who went from street-corner water salesman to a self-made millionaire. Yep, you guessed it — Hernandez beat the odds using by harnessing his entrepreneurial skills using just his laptop. (Really!)
Need a little inspiration on your own path to entrepreneurial success? Take a page out of Hernandez’s playbook.

Meet Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez, Founder and CEO of Click Cash Marketing EMANUEL “MANNY” HERNANDEZ

A Born Entrepreneur

Growing up in a small town in Puerto Rico, Hernandez didn’t exactly fit in at school. While his academic performance was poor, he knew early on he had another calling in life.

“The school system failed me as it was designed to create workers,” said Hernandez in an interview with the American Board of Experts.

Sometimes, it’s the youngest children who see business opportunities most clearly — and can teach adults a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Hernandez developed a knack for sales at a young age. He got his start selling gallitos, a Puerto Rican toy made from tree seeds, to his fellow students in grammar school. Later, he dropped out of middle school to sell tires at his cousin’s store.

When the economy took a hit, Hernandez was out of a job. To support his daughter, Hernandez did what he knew best: create money-making opportunities out of nothing. This included selling water on street corners for 12 hours a day while sitting in 110-degree weather.


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