Amazing Benefits of Cutting Mat


Plotting mats are used for numerous arts and crafts, even sewing. Different cutting mats are made of different long-lasting materials; some are made of glass, some rubber, glass, and vinyl, while others are made of polypropylene. These cutting mats are available on both hard surfaces and also soft surfaces. Whenever you are on any project requiring a rotary cutter or utility knife, you will definitely require a cutting mat.

Hard surface cutting mats are known to be smoother and rugged, making whatever project carried out on it go on without blemish or cutting into the mat surface. An example of such a hard-cutting mat is the cutting mat made of glass. Soft surface cutting mats are thinner and more flexible than a hard surface. In most cases, the smooth surface cutting mat has 3 or 5 layers, making it a little thick. An example of such a mat is the plotter mat.

 Benefits of Using A Cutting Mat

  • Accuracy: When carrying out your projects on a cutting mat, it helps give you accurate measurements when working on it. It helps ensure a clean and straight cut as there are grid lines, rulers, and markings inscribed on it to give you a certain amount of accuracy. With it, you’re sure that you aren’t making any mistakes.
  • Safeguard your work: Another benefit of using a cutting mat is the safety the mat gives to your work from getting damaged or marked by the blade of the rotary cutter. Whatever craft or project has been carried out, as long as it’s been done on the mat, there is a level of safety guaranteed for the project.
  • Wide varieties of material: The beauty of a cutting mat also lies in the fact that it has enough material to accommodate whatever project you would like to carry out, which will all be perfect. From sewing to craft making, or anything else that requires a blade.
  • Protects the life of the cutting blade: The cutting mat also provides a blade-friendly working surface that extends the life span of cutters used to work on the mat from dulling quickly.
  • Portability: One other benefit that makes it perfect for projects is its portability. Cutting mats are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and carry. You can easily move anywhere to work on your project.
  • Durability: Cutting mats are made of durable materials, making them stand the test of time. Cutting mats can be used for a long period and still be as good as new if well taken care of. You don’t have to spend money changing them every single time.
  • Works on large materials: Cutting mats also gives the liberty to carry out projects involving large materials. Large papers and clothes can be placed on the cutting mat and be worked on effectively.


Cutting mat has proved over and over again to be a very efficient tool that can be used for various purposes and at the same time has many advantages, as listed above. It is a must-have tool, especially if you need to use blades in a large project.


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