Which of the Four Popular Types of Men’s Underwear Is Suitable for You?


Although the boxer brief is the most popular form of male underwear, not everybody has the same body shape. That implies that various trims suit different groups of people.

Right now, there seem to be four sorts of men’s underwear in the industry. Each variety has the option of custom underwear, so choosing which kind to give as a hilarious present won’t be an issue.

Understand your body type.

The first stage in selecting underwear is determining if you are an Inverted Triangle, a square, or plain slim.

Skinny or Ectomorph?

Ectomorph physiques have a much more challenging time gaining weight. If it describes you, try trunks. They provide the same amount of stability and comfort as boxer briefs. However, the shorter thigh accentuates the leg and makes it appear stronger.

Muscular or Inverted Triangle

This is your body shape if you have wide shoulders and a tiny waist. The trunks or boxer briefs are the best-fitting boxers for you.

Since your legs are on the slim side, the slimmer silhouette of the trunk may help you. If you don’t have any problem expanding your thighs, boxer briefs are a good option.

Square or Athletic

This is your body shape if your shoulders and hips are about the same thickness. Because you have thicker thighs, you should avoid wearing trunks. No matter how excellent they are, they tend to cluster.

The 4 types of men’s underwear


One of the most common forms of male underwear is boxer briefs. They provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. The tight fit provides ample support for strenuous gym sessions and lengthy journeys. Meanwhile, the extra coverage in the legs keeps them from riding up.

Obviously, the secret to a good pair of boxer briefs is to choose a company that doesn’t employ cheap materials. You’re going to have a difficult time if your thighs don’t remain in position.


This design provides the most stability for your boys, but many find it unpleasant. The cheap substance digs into your pelvis and causes pain all through the day. If you’re set on wearing briefs and refuse to change, spend a bit more money on a brand that emphasizes pleasure without losing support.


Trunks may be thought of as a cross between boxer briefs and briefs. They offer a similar degree of support but feature less thigh covering than boxer briefs.

They’re an excellent choice if you don’t want your underwear creases to appear under your pants. And men with strong thighs will elevate their Greek god status with these.


If you want to be free but aren’t brave enough to go nude, boxers are the way to go. This design is the most breathable, but it also provides little assistance for the boys.

Furthermore, if you go for cheap, you may as well be reclining on an old sack. They’re great for lazing but terrible for working out. As a result, you should get your underwear from a reputable supplier. Choose soft materials.


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