How to Dress up as a Killing Stalking Manga Character


Anime cosplay is an exciting activity for the family during the holidays with their loved ones. The activities include finding the best styles so that you dress up as your favorite anime character. The killing stalking manga offers a variety of costume styles and themes that you can pick from and use for cosplay. It is an anime of Korean origin whose two main characters provide cosplay style. The following are ways to dress up as a character in the manga:

1. Dress up in Sangwoo short wig

Sangwoo is one of the characters in the anime whose style you can dress up as for your cosplay. The statement style for the character is the synthetic short hair wig which you can get at many stores. The hair is easy to wear and get into character for a few reasons. First, it is unisex, making it ideal for a cosplay style for both genders in your family. The hair is short and will look good on both male and female loved ones giving them a perfect look for your experience. Secondly, the hair has two definitive colors, black on the backside and light brown on the front side. The hair is also heat resistant making it durable and ideal for cold and warm seasons.

2. Dress up in a Yoon Bum costume set

The costume set belonging to Yoon Bum in the anime is one that you can also get and use for cosplay. The character’s blackish-brown short wig is unisex, and any member of your family can wear it irrespective of gender. The third has stripes which give it a casual style that goes well with the black skirt. The final look you get when you dress up as Yoon Bum is, therefore idea for other casual outdoor activities. For example, you can rock it when going to a regular party at the local club.

3. Killing stalking frog keychain

The green-killing stalking frog keychain is another item from the anime that you can buy. Carrying your keys on the keychain after you dress up as either of the two characters boosts your style immensely. The green color of the keychain matches with the plain colors of the costumes.

4. Killing stalking Korean style cartoon T-shirts

The t-shirts with cartoon graphics of the characters in killing stalking manga are also an item of consideration. Despite not being part of the actual costume set of the anime, such t-shirt designs give the impression of its theme. The t-shirts will come in handy during the warm summer when you cosplay with family.

5. Killing stalking 3D printed hoodies

Another item to consider is the three-dimensional printed hoodie sets with the images of the characters. The hoodies come in different colors and designs that give you the freedom to choose what works for you. You can use them for cosplay activities and casual walks. The good thing is that they are unisex.


The killing stalking anime presents costume sets that are easy to copy for your cosplay. The simple style costume sets will cost you a small amount of money. However, 3-D printed hoodies will be expensive but worth it because they are trendy.


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