Tips To Properly Take Care Of Your Burgundy Wig


Wearing wigs can provide much-needed protection to your real hair. It also gives you a way to style your hair without having to change the look of your actual hair. You can try out new looks without committing to anything permanently. One of the most popular wig styles is the burgundy wig. It is a brilliant, bright shade that can make you stand out in any crowd.

However, you must ensure that you take proper care of your wig to make it last a long time. To do that, you have to pick a high-quality burgundy wig shade. The 99j red wigs human hair color is great for a nice burgundy touch. If you are going for the burgundy color, you must understand how to take care of the wigs. Here is a rundown of the main steps. Keep reading.

Use A Premium Shampoo And Conditioner

The 99j burgundy wig is made from human hair, which means that it needs similar attention and care as your natural hair to stay fresh. The first step is to use the same shampoo and conditioner you apply to your hair. Both the products should be of premium quality so they won’t damage the strands. Wash the wig with shampoos and conditioners made for human hair to elongate its lifeline.

Dry The Wig Properly

After you have done your washing ritual, make sure to dry out the wig before you store it away or wear it for styling. The best way is to let it air-dry and not use any heating tools on it. Regular use of heating equipment for hair on the wig can make it dry, brittle, and damaged. So, only use these tools if there is an emergency.

Store In A Silk Or Satin Bag

Storage is another essential component in the care routine for your burgundy wig. When not using it, you must store the wig properly to avoid damaging it. The correct way to store it is in a silk or satin bag or pouch and keep it in the dark, cool place. Storage is critical as it is a major factor in determining how long the wig lasts.

Moisturizing For The Shine

You don’t want dull, dry, and brittle hair on the wig. To keep the burgundy color in its prime shine and softness, occasionally use a good moisturizer such as coconut oil or some other product. You can wash it off after moisturizing to give the wig hair a sleek, shiny look.

Protect From Sunlight

Another thing to keep in mind is to protect the wig from direct sunlight to maintain the original appearance of the burgundy color. If you are going to be out in the sun, wear a hat, scarf, or some other accessory to ward off direct sun rays.


The burgundy human hair color on the wigs is all the rage. It is soaring in popularity and if you want to join in with the trend, getting the burgundy shade is the best way to do it. But with wigs comes the responsibility of maintaining and looking after them. Make sure to understand all the steps mentioned above and follow them correctly to ensure that the wig color lasts a long time and remains shiny. Go and rock the redhead.


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