Installing LED Wall Pack Lights – 5 Easy Steps


Using LED wall pack lights is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your space and provide efficient lighting for your home or business. With their long lifespan and energy-saving properties, LEDs are an excellent choice for any lighting project. But how do you go about installing them?

Read on for five easy steps you can follow to get your wall pack lights up and running in no time!

Select the best spot

First and foremost, it’s important to choose the ideal location for your LED wall lights. Keep in mind that these lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you have a lot of flexibility when selecting a location.

When deciding where to install them, think about the purpose of the light – do you want to provide illumination for an outdoor stairwell or patio? If so, make sure that it’s installed in a safe place with clear visibility.

Prepare the area

Before beginning installation, make sure that all power sources are turned off to avoid any risks of electrocution or injury. You should also ensure that the area is free from any debris or obstructions, as this will make it easier to work on during installation.

Install the mounting bracket

Now, it’s time to install the mounting bracket for your LED wall pack light fixture using bolts and screws. Make sure that the bolts are tightened securely into place so that the light won’t come loose over time due to vibration or other environmental factors. Then connect the wires from your power source (either AC or DC) to their respective places on the back of your fixture following manufacturer instructions closely.

Attach cover

Once all wiring is complete, attach a cover plate over your connections, ensuring all wires are tucked away neatly underneath. This will help protect against water ingress if installed outdoors, as well as dust accumulation if indoors.

Test Functionality

Finally, switch on power at its source and test out functionality: turn it on and off manually, then check brightness levels by dimming it up and down. Once everything checks out correctly, you’re done.

Tips to Install LED Wall Pack Lights For Enhanced Effectiveness

Installing an LED wall pack can be a great way to brighten up any space and save money on energy bills. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your installation is effective and efficient.

  • Make sure you choose the right wattage for your needs, as overloading a circuit can cause electrical issues.
  • Also, keep in mind that some of the larger models require a direct connection to an exterior power source.
  • Lastly, consider using motion sensors or photocell controls so your lights will automatically turn on and off when needed.

Following these quick tips will help you get the most out of your LED wall pack light setup.


Installing LED wall lights doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these five simple steps, anyone can quickly set up these efficient fixtures with minimal effort – whether they’re being used indoors or outdoors! If you ever have any questions during setup, be sure to reference product instructions carefully before proceeding with installation – safety first.


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