What Is the Best Size Pressure Washer for Home Use


When choosing a pressure washer, homeowners should evaluate several factors. Tanks will have different capacities, so size is not the entire story. Another important consideration is the overall design of a particular model. All households are unique, and so are their needs for cleaning power.

When shopping, here are some of the key questions to ask yourself: Is the unit easy to maintain? Does it deliver plenty of cleaning power for my household’s needs? Will this machine meet all my regulations for safe use?

Giraffe tools pressure washer best for household purposes

Giraffe tools give you the right to choose the right pressure washer for the home. The company understands it can be overwhelming, but you should follow a few basic steps before settling on a particular model. Whether you have plans for a small detail cleaning like removing linseed oil or paint from metal or cleaning your driveway or patio, their pressure washers help you achieve the best results possible.

Giraffetools selection of power washers provides users with many attributes to tailor their home cleaning needs and desires. Some of these are:

Space Convenient

A home pressure washer is important in a homeowner’s cleaning arsenal. It can help save time and energy and provide more thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your home’s exterior surfaces. While a large pressure washer can have all the power you need to clean extensive areas, sometimes the size of your home or property prevents you from having the pressure that can manage the nooks and crannies, cracks, and crevices.


Starting with the essential purchase criteria and weighing key factors such as noise output, power, and a pressure hose; take a spin on both ends of the size and type spectrum. From full-sized commercial units with 20 to 50 psi to compact models that only use 10 to 15 psi.

Environmental Friendly

A good pressure washer should be powerful but not too noisy or hard on your body. If you spend much time outdoors, you want to get a model that can cope with the abuse of raking leaves, washing cars, and pressure washing floors. Alternatively, if you are only going to use it to clean your house occasionally, then a smaller power washer will do just fine.

Huge Collection to Choose From

If you’re looking to wash cars and you’re only able to power half an hour a day, that’s probably not the right washer for you. If you want to take care of large jobs, like driveway concrete sealing or yard debris removal, think in terms of gallons per minute (GPM). Check out the 2 in 1 from giraffe tools; many customers prove the machine the best.

Cleaning your home and yard can be a chore, but that chore can be made easier and safer with a reliable pressure washer. And while many high-quality pressure washers cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, there are plenty of lower-priced models on the market.

If you need something tiny or affordable, mild or powerful, giraffe tools are waiting for you with the best offers. They have a huge line of products to choose from for those looking for commercial or those looking for small pressures that you can carry going anywhere.


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